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At Mairose Boutique, we want your shopping experience to be a pleasure, and we strive to ensure you end up with the perfect item. 

Each product listing includes garment measurements provided by the manufacturer, where possible. We also provide additional size guides and illustrations as our designers make them available. 

True Vintage garments are measured flat and doubled, and all specific measurements are represented in inches.

Tag sizes are indicated where possible; please keep in mind that clothing "label" sizes vary wildly, and a number on a tag should never dictate how you feel about your body. Fit is important, but self-love and appreciation are paramount!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about sizing. We are happy to help!

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How To Take Your Measurements

All you need is a measuring tape, or a long piece of ribbon, string, or twine. A friend may help as well to make taking your measurements a bit easier.

If using an unmarked measuring tape, simply mark your measurements with a pen and compare to a ruler, yard stick, or metal tape measure.

Wearing your birthday suit or a tight-fitting garment, stand straight and wrap your measuring tape horizontally around your body, starting with your shoulders, then around the middle of your bust, under your bust, and your natural waist. 

These measurements will indicate your:

Shoulder Width

Bust Size (fullest measurement)

Band Size

Waist Size

Next, measure your hips just below your navel, then each thigh, and your inseam (both inside and outside) by vertically measuring your legs from hip to ankle. 

These measurements will indicate your:

Waist Band Size

Hip Size


You can also take additional measurements as needed for sleeve length, cuff width, neck width, and neck to heel for overall garment length. 

Natural Beauty

Our Promise To You

Mairose Boutique is committed to making sure you feel supported and confident in your garment choices.

We respect diversity and welcome all body types, LGBTQ, modesty, sensuality, freedom of choice, accommodation for disabilities, and embrace all ethnicities. 

Please reach out to us with any questions or feedback regarding size inclusion, material colors, function and styles.